This history is dedicated with thanks to all those individuals and organisations who have helped in whatever way to create and maintain The Bodicote RBL Youth Band. 

The Bodicote Band started at the request of 8 young people. The 4 adults they approached set about the task knowing they had a tremendous amount of work to do. Long standing contacts in the Bodicote Branch of the Royal British Legion enabled the Band to form as a Youth Section and help and support was made by individuals and RBL Branches throughout Oxfordshire. 

By September of the year the first of the instruments had been purchased to add to those that had been begged and borrowed. Articles appeared in ' The Legion' magazine and the Branch Newsletter and the first Band Master Mr. H. Parry was in place. A formal uniform had still to come. 

In November the Band paraded, in little more than smart school uniforms, at the Branch Remembrance Parade and this marked the good solid start that had been achieved.

The presentation of instruments on the 23rd September by branch Chairman Bill Boughton.