.Personnel numbers were up to 35 players by 1987 and saw performances at the first RBL Youth Festival held in Shard End Birmingham. As a result of this, in late July, the Band paraded through the streets of Birmingham City centre leading a parade for the Birmingham RBL County. The Lord Mayor took the salute.

Formal RBL events continued to play an important part of the Bands fixture list and further 1987 events included :- A military pageant organised by Watlington Branch RBL to celebrate their 60th anniversary year. A Festival Of Remembrance in Aylesbury Civic Centre. Warborough and Shillingford 60th anniversary celebrations. Bix Branch 50th anniversary celebrations.

OTHER PERFORMANCES :- Locally events included the Banbury Carnival, Banbury Shopping Festival and Greatworth Fete where the Drum Major's cap had to be strapped on because it was so windy. Goodness knows how the bass drummer managed.

Bodicote village saw 3 performances by the Band. - Bodicote Fete - A surprise party to mark the retirement of the vicar the Rev. Donald Bishop - The regular Remembrance Parade.

1987 bookings had given Band members many opportunities to meet with other Bands and their players. This social side of banding was a new experience and much enjoyed.s, at the Branch Remembrance Parade and this marked the good solid start that had been achieved.

Festival 1

RBL Youth Festival 1987 with National RBL Officers.

Practice 1

Younger members include a future Lead Bugler and Lead Drummer

Practice 2

Practice night with the Drum Section, Banbury School