SADNESS 1990 started with a very sad loss. Diane Berry was a tireless worker on behalf of the Band as well as being mother to 2 of the Band's young musicians. Everyone resolved to work just that bit harder in her memory.
PERFORMANCES In a relatively subdued year the Band still took part in many local events as well as the fourth RBL Youth Tattoo, held this year for a second time, in Leicester. As the year closed, as in 1989, Father Christmas was delivered to stores in Wallingford and Ruislip.
RBL PRESENTATIONS During May the RBL Branch had honoured 2 members by presenting certificates of appreciation. One to Band Chairman David Bushrod and one to Musical Director Harry Parry. Both certificates were well deserved as both recipients had worked extremely hard to create the Band of which the Branch was so proud.

Emerging onto the streets of Wallingford.

A return to Ruislip to herald the arrival of Father Christmas.