PRESENTATION From the sadness of last year came the honour of seeing Peter, Helen, and James Berry present the Band with 3 Silver Bugles and a Drum Major's Mace in memory of Diane. The second mace was particularly timely as the Band was now training a young replacement DM. The bugles meant that all the front row buglers played silver instruments. Many thanks go to the Berry family.

Formed up for the Presentation of a new Mace and Silver Bugles.

Peter,James and Helen Berry present the 'Diane Berry Memorial Drum Major Mace' to Junior Drum Major Peter Watts.

Peter Berry presents 3 Silver Bugles to young members of the Bugle section.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT The Musical Director was finding running his business and also giving his full attention to Band duties extremely difficult and he resolved to appoint a Bandmaster to assist him. Colin Fisher found himself in place during the summer of 1991 and took on the responsibility for the Band at and during its performances. Harry Parry remained Musical Director and had full control during practice nights, which had now grown to two per week.
CONTESTS With the new boy came some new ideas and one was to try contesting. During the busy summer at many local events the Band prepared and refined a contest routine. For its first Band Championships the Band could hardly have chosen a harder competition. The Hickstead Showjumping Arena in Sussex is also the home of the South of England Band Championships held annually in September. It is a contest held under the regulations of the Traditional Youth Marching Band Association TYMBA which Bodicote joined during the summer. 22 Bands took part, spread over 4 classes, Bodicote entering the Novice class and second on. First on was East Grinstead Town Marching Band, a band three times the size and wow what a sound ! We all gulped and said our prayers, what had we let ourselves in for. A reasonably proficient performance bought some reward with a first for Tuned Percussion. The TYMBA judges were very constructive in their comments, something which we grew to appreciate in later contests, and we went home with lots of ideas of how to progress.

Performing in the wide open spaces of Hickstead at our first contest

The presentation for the 'Best Tuned Percussion Section'. the South of England Contest. Hickstead.

The 'Bell Section Girls' with their Trophy from Hickstead.

PERFORMANCES Once again the Band were evident at many local events including the Banbury Carnival where they proudly displayed the trophy won at Hickstead the previous day. As Christmas approached the Band dutifully delivered Father Christmas to stores in Wallingford and Ruislip for the third year running.