JERSEY 1999....... THE BATTLE OF FLOWERS REVISITED August saw the Band making a return trip to Jersey. This year it included a rather disappointing view of the solar eclipse as it was very cloudy that morning. The journey to and from Jersey was by plane this time but was severely prolonged on the outward trip due to freak rainstorms at Heathrow. Some luggage got very wet but fortunately the uniforms and instruments had made the more sedate sea crossing on the day before. In Banding terms the event was a great success with a number of appearances well received. Once again coincidence struck and holidaymakers from ' Banburyshire ' made themselves known and cheered us on. Thanks. The Battle proved a little troublesome this year with some of the larger floats getting stuck . In the heat of the afternoon it was a bit uncomfortable but everyone pulled through okay. In the Moonlight Parade the following day it was especially nice to join with the Peninsula Band to play ' Buglers Nocturne ' a favourite with both Bands. Once again TYMBA was well represented with Peninsula, Dolphin, and ourselves taking part.

JUMPING FOR .....JOY ????!!!...Er No Money actually..... In April two very brave Band Members decided to do something a little different in the way of fund-raising. They undertook a sponsored parachute jump at Hinton in the Hedges airfield in South Northamptonshire, other Band members and supporters were there to add their vocal support. The descent went well and James and Brian landed safely. Well done and thanks chaps.

REHEARSAL GOSSIP The Band was once again busy this year with parades and fetes. There were a number of new faces on practice evenings and it is hoped that they will swell the ranks when fully trained. A new Band Photograph was taken by professionals from Beaumont Photography recently. The pics include, whole Band, groups and individuals. Contact the Band Chairman to order. There is a particularly nice shot of Bezz the bass drummer with what looks like his own harem of young ladies from the Band. Lucky Fella !!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the help of finances from a Trust the Band have been able to purchase a Minibus. The bus is to be called DORIS in honour of the help received. Doris is proving very useful in her first full year with the Band. She was driven over to Jersey with the Service Crew, loaded up with loads of kit.

BANBURY CARNIVAL This year the Carnival was earlier on Sunday 4th July. The weather this time was warm and dry. Once again the Band lead the procession and of course in my unbiased (cough) opinion was the best on parade. This year it was Charlotte's turn to debut on the drum. Well done to everyone.