Dominic winner of the Stadon trophy and Drummer/Bugler award for 1999/2000

Year Review During the winter, practice nights continued with the Band putting together the year's program. Except for a very Flu struck performance at the RBL County Conference way back in January, the Band started out on the road on 9th April performing at a St George's day parade in Wallingford. July 16th saw the Band once more with the honour of leading the Banbury Carnival.

Preparing for the off at Banbury Millenium Carnival

Half way around Banbury Carnival leading the VIP cars

Banbury Carnival 2000

This year was one of the best Carnivals yet with many more floats and with good weather too. November of course brought Remembrance Day and the Band played at Chipping Norton in the morning and Bodicote in the afternoon. Some Buglers then went on to play at Farthinghoe Church in the evening. A busy day but good performances all round.

Band Contest News The Band had a very successful day in June at the Halesowen Band Championships.

Halesowen Band Championships.

Awaiting the Judges decisions. Halesowen Band Championships.

Delight from all the Band members as the result of our win is announced.

The Drum Major receiving the Trophy, surrounded by fellow Drum Majors.

They were awarded first place in the Contest Class. This comes after a three year absence from contesting and was a great confidence builder to the younger members. ....Well Done..... Also at Halesowen, after many disappointments in the past, came the award of best Drum Major to Helen. Particular congratulations to her on an award long overdue.

Weekend training session In late of September the Band embarked on a complete weekend training session with all members taking part. Much use was made of the extra skilled instruction on hand and the weekend was lightened with a Disco on Saturday evening. The culmination was a performance in front of friends and invited guests on Sunday morning. Thanks go to everyone concerned it was a great weekend.

Shania Twain drumming record attempt 18th November saw the Band drummers in Bournemouth to attend a "Children in Need" drum session organised by the Shania Twain Traditional Fan Club. Bad weather prevented an attempt at the '2000 drummers' world record but it was a fun day and £1800 was raised. During the day it was nice to see RBL banding colleagues from Romford and Surbiton and also performances from The Dorset Marching Band.

Royal Marine members at Bournemouth

The Bournemouth drummers with JD Blair, Shania Twain's tour drummer.

Jim Amos Sadly we have to report the passing of another of our original instructors. Jim Amos was well known in Banbury as the bandmaster of the St John Ambulance Cadet Band for over 25 years. Following his retirement he came to help instruct our buglers. His Daughter, Son-in-law and Granchildren also later joined as Instuctors and Band members. They all made substantial contributions to the Band and we are grateful for Jim's and the 'Amos Family' assistance.